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We are particularly pleased to be able to present two new publications to you.

The first card set "Tools for the New Era" by Christina von Dreien will be published in August and it will be available for pre-order from 12.07.2021. They are cards of her visions for peace, love and consciousness. This card set with accompanying book by Levin J. Lamb is designed to bring you into your creative power, to remind you of your multidimensional origins and to make you aware of your true greatness with all your abilities. It is about taking responsibility and creating new worlds and realities for the benefit of all beings. We are living in an incredibly exciting time in which processes are allowed to go faster and faster, more directly and also more easily.

As a collective we are in the process of reaching new levels, integrating new levels of consciousness and dimensions. These tools will be a bridge for you to come into your new being with ease. These cards are conscious, loving and soulful matter. They can support you on your unique path. Let us live new, higher levels together, the time is now!

And a calendar 2022 "Christina's Visions for the NEW TIME" This calendar with quotes from Christina von Dreien makes us realise every day that we create our reality with our visions. Every glance at the calendar  reminds us to manifest the highest, most beautiful and good here now. We can feel trust, confidence, love and joy as often as possible. Then we become more of the true love that we actually are and let our light shine into the world. In addition to Christina's quotations, this calendar also contains the phases of the moon and the festivals of the cycle of the year.

You can find our new publications under

„Let's create a new, wonderful reality together, beyond fear and competition, but full of love, mindfulness and peace.“


An Impulse from Christina von Dreien

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