Consciousness Creates Peace

Following the first two books of the "Christina" series, which became bestsellers, the long awaited third book is now available. The first two books told the beginning of Christina's story: the extraordinary circumstances of her birth, her childhood and youth, and the beginning of her work in public up until spring 2018.

The third book consists exclusively of Christina's own words, compiled from her seminars and interviews in 2018 and 2019. Christina tells us who we human beings really are, why the conditions on Earth today are as they are, and which positive direction global development can take. With this, she gives us confidence and hope for a future of inner and outer peace, and nourishes our feeling that, despite all the gloomy predictions, all will be well in the end

Further topics in Book 3 are:

Individual vibration increase; purification of the soul; our body being and cell communication; our spiritual team; the great game of forgetting; karma and creative power; a school for heart based learning; trust in one's own heart feeling; the evolution of love; spiritual networking; childlike joie de vivre and playfulness
Christina von Dreien (born April 15th, 2001 in St. Gallen, Switzerland, as Christina Meier) was born with greatly expanded consciousness and a wide range of paranormal gifts. She belongs to a new generation of young people who allow us to glimpse a completely new dimension of human existence. They have come to guide us and bring impulses, to make us aware of our intrinsic value, of our true dimensions and of how much positive potential lies dormant within each one of us. They show us how we can use the power of our consciousness and the power of unconditional love to transform our individual and collective lives in a healing and constructive way. In 2017 and 2018, the first two books of the "Christina" series, which tell the beginning of Christina's story from the perspective of her mother Bernadette von Dreien, were published. Both books became bestsellers. With this third book in the series, Christina now presents her own first book.


„"We are manifested light and manifested love. When people think of light, most just think of something bright, but they don't associate the word with the feeling of love. Light and love cannot be separated. In the very beginning, there was something like a "light-love", and in this light-love there was no separation. This is what we all are in our innermost core.“

„You don't always have to have a reason to be happy. You can just be so.“

„"Our words have great power. You can bless people with words. When you say to someone: ‘I wish you happiness,’ then happiness is sent. Words, letters - everything has consciousness. They too are beings, and they have an effect. That's why you should always ask yourself: "What am I thinking just now, what am I feeling, what am I saying?" Your actions are the result of these three aspects. We become a beacon when all four aspects - our thoughts, feelings, words and actions - are focused on the good.“

„We all have certain world views and ideas. On the one hand, we have world views, forms of faith and viewpoints which have been imposed on us by particular people or society and which we have accepted. On the other hand, we have world views that arise in our own hearts. The goal is to begin to see the world as our heart sees it - so that we begin to see with our heart and act from out of our heart.“

“"If the divine plan knows that a spiritual revolution is going to take place in this century, it makes preparations for this event during the century before. Pioneers are then sent, who do the preparatory work and write the first spiritual books, for example. These pioneer souls - who were here decades and centuries ago and who already lived spirituality in those dark times - did it voluntarily. They did it because they chose to do so and not because someone told them to. My gratitude therefore goes not only to those who are yet to come, but also to those who are here now and to those who have already been. “

„Finding happiness is easy. We just need to change our perspective with regard to what we call happiness. Instead of waiting for future happiness, we can be mindful of and grateful for the happiness that is already here. We can find miracles there where they are - everywhere.“


  • Love pioneers
  • Unconditional love
  • Individual increase in vibration
  • Purification of the soul
  • Things to dissolve
  • Finding peace
  • Becoming grounded
  • Body being and cell communication
  • Creating things with thoughts and emotions
  • Our spiritual team
  • We Are Peace - an impulse
  • The great game of forgetting
  • Karma and creativity
  • Questions and answers (part 1)
  • Children want to enjoy school
  • A school for heart based learning
  • Christmas message 2018
  • The moment is now
  • You all have a heart
  • Confidence in your own heart feeling
  • The evolution of love
  • Questions and answers (part 2)
  • Mother Earth is reaching her limits
  • Everything is part of the divine plan
  • Spiritual Networking
  • Higher dimensional realities
  • The problem of 5G mobile networks
  • Questions and answers (part 3)
  • Childlike joie de vivre and playfulness
  • Small butterflies
  • We have a responsibility
  • Closing words: Just do it!

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