In the end all will be well

2020 was a strange, crazy «Corona» year. It was dominated by worldwide crises, by fear and insecurity, by measures and protests, by hostile thinking and mutual recrimination.

In the midst of this confusing time, a young woman raises her voice and speaks plainly: Christina von Dreien (born in 2001), representative of a new generation of trailblazers and positive impulse-givers. Her impressive perspective opens up a new, more comprehensive view of the current world situation and of the time ahead in 2021/22. Beyond the common clichés of lateral thinkers and spiritualists, she succeeds in reaching and touching people’s hearts with a message that is as simple as it is brilliant.

This book invites us to broaden our horizon of perception and to raise the responsibility for world affairs from the political to the personal level: What exactly can each individual human being contribute to ultimately changing our destructive and ailing system for the better?

Christina’s encouragement gives us strength and confidence: We can and will create for ourselves the beautiful, ideal world of global peace that we all long for – and we’ll do it now. A small book that inspires great courage.
Christina von Dreien (born April 15th, 2001 in St. Gallen, Switzerland, as Christina Meier) was born with greatly expanded consciousness and a wide range of paranormal gifts. She belongs to a new generation of young people who allow us to glimpse a completely new dimension of human existence. They have come to guide us and bring impulses, to make us aware of our intrinsic value, of our true dimensions and of how much positive potential lies dormant within each one of us. They show us how we can use the power of our consciousness and the power of unconditional love to transform our individual and collective lives in a healing and constructive way. In 2017 and 2018, the first two books of the "Christina" series, which tell the beginning of Christina's story from the perspective of her mother Bernadette von Dreien, were published. Both books became bestsellers. With this third book in the series, Christina now presents her own first book.


In times like these, it can give us great hope and confidence to keep reminding ourselves that we’re not the only ones, but that there are a great many people everywhere who, just like us, also want an ideal world and that this ideal world will surely come to be. This much is certain: The world will not end, and in the end all will be well.

The power of our thoughts, together with the energy of our emotions can change the whole world for the better.

If enough people on the Earth were to be content with their lives for just one day, the negative system as a whole would be overturned. Everything can change from one minute to the next.

With all the unrest and all the things that are happening everywhere in the world right now, it’s especially important during this time and in the coming months to make sure that we’re as joyful and as well as we can possibly be, both inwardly and outwardly. Only in this way can we maintain the confidence and the trust that everything will turn out well in the end.

In the end all will be well, that is certain. However, this requires the cooperation of each and every one of us. As soon as we realise this, we have a responsibility to keep sending something positive into the collective field of consciousness. Let’s not forget the ‘small’ things in everyday life: a smile, a friendly look, a kind word – all these are more important than we may think.


  • Things may become strange in the time ahead, but in the end all will be well
  • Storytellers
  • Consciously creating an ideal world
  • Don’t be afraid – no matter what happens
  • See the positive in everything
  • You are perfect beings who are now reawakening
  • Manifesting the vision of the good
  • What each individual can contribute in the way of positivity
  • Loving exchange with nature beings
  • The love of Mother Earth
  • The love of Mother Earth
  • Positive and negative extraterrestrials
  • Freedom through introspection
  • We are not random products
  • Mass awakening
  • Without our fear, the beings who control this planet will die of hunger
  • A fundamental attitude of contentment
  • Remain fearless and judge no one
  • Gratitude
  • Telepathy and other aids
  • Welcome repetitions

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