Twins Born as Light

Book 1 tells - from the perspective of her mother Bernadette - the story of Christina's extraordinary birth, childhood and youth up to her 16th birthday. These are years of getting used to three-dimensionality, of becoming educated and of trials to prepare for her life's task. Christina summarizes this with the three core concepts of freedom, truth and love.
Christina is an 19-year-old young woman from Toggenburg in Switzerland. She was born with a greatly expanded consciousness and thus belongs to a new generation of young evolutionary thinkers who recognize, describe and live human existence as a complexity of quantum physics, neuropsychology and spirituality. She has always shown a remarkable insight into today's world affairs and amazes with her high ethics as well as with a wisdom and inner peace that allow us to sense a new dimension of being human.

Without any excessive demands Christina reveals a completely natural way of dealing with a variety of paranormal gifts such as multidimensional perception, aura-vision, clairvoyance, telepathy, telekinesis, otherworldly contacts, animal and plant communication and the like. From birth she is also in a conscious connection with higher-dimensional spheres and civilizations of light.

As a harbinger of a new stage in human evolution, Christina has incarnated on earth with her twin sister Elena to spread light and peace.


«As long as people do not know their own planet, they will not be able to know other planets. For they have not yet understood something fundamental, namely that it is not the rational mind that produces the greatest inventions and progress, but the consciousness of the soul.»

«You shall not harm a living being in thought, word or deed.»

«I didn't come into this world to perform miracles. I want to bring back peace and divine consciousness in every single person. Then people will realize that they can heal themselves.»

«Biological calculations can be so perfect that they stand up to mathematical calculations. When your will is aligned with the will of life, then a force awakens within you that is so unstoppable and so unassailable that the forces of the universe bow in reverence. Even the most adverse among them have nothing to oppose in the face of life's clear intentions. For life can shake every multiverse to its core. Every human being, every being has an instinct for survival. Look at a flower: Your life is pure spontaneity. If a life would only decide that it wants to live when the circumstances around life are good, then that would be ridiculous. It would be like doing something only when someone tells you to, or like loving someone only when that person tells you to. Whether a life flourishes or not does not depend on external circumstances. Life also comes into being where there are no good living conditions. Nature is not subject to a military chain of command.»

«I am here to help people to achieve a broadened consciousness. With their expanded horizons, people could see for themselves what is not going right on this planet today. Then they could develop new solutions and perspectives in every area of life, which will be successful in the long run. But people have free will. It is entirely up to them to decide.»

«In my view, there is only one love. Love is love, and it is boundless, unconditional, without end and without distinction. Love is that which is infinitely present in the universe, a primal substance that is the basis of all that is.»

«As long as people carry more fear than love, democracy, no matter how fair and right it may seem, will only ever be used to hypnotize the masses.»

«If you look at a wholeness from high above, then it is impossible to exclude individual living beings from it and not to love them, because everything is creation. It is comparable to a mother watching her quarrelling children in a sandbox: Although some argue, the mother still loves all children equally.»

«I am not in this world to expose or judge the mistakes of others. I simply want to bring back light and peace to the people. Then the unlight will dissolve on its own.»


  • Introduction: An inconspicuous girl
  • My biography in short
  • January 2015: Changes are imminent
  • How it all began: The first year of life
  • Christina's childhood
  • Christina's school days
  • 22 February 2015: Insights into the Hereafter
  • Elena
  • Souls and soul plans
  • Critical analysis of our time
  • Holistic medicine
  • Light and Unlight
  • Consciousness, vibration and energy
  • Special perceptions and synaesthesia
  • People of the new age
  • Dimensions
  • The old and the new consciousness
  • The mysterious chest
  • Elemental beings
  • The heartbeat of the earth
  • Christina's 14th birthday
  • The school system of the future
  • Diet
  • Healing
  • Love
  • Further talents reveal themselves
  • Telepathy, telekinesis and other talents
  • Christina's light column
  • The Phantom of Death
  • The names Elena and Christina
  • Change of school level 2015
  • Summer holidays 2015
  • Essence of the Unlight
  • Small everyday occurrences
  • Conversations with Christina
  • The question of career choice
  • The mystery of Elena
  • Profession and vocation
  • 2016: A network of light is created
  • The book project
  • Closing words from Christina
  • Acknowledgements
  • About the author

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