December 21, 2020

Dear friends,

This year, there will be a special astronomical constellation on 21 December.

These kinds of events have subtle effects on the Earth that can be very powerful. It is indeed a very special constellation, bringing with it great potential. Energy portals will open up.
Because of this, many people and groups are calling for people to take part in various activities.
I have been asked to tell you about the forthcoming mass meditation on 21 December at 19:22 CET.

I’m happy to do this, because I think it’s essentially good and also important. But I would like to tell you a few things about it that I find important.

When a number of people focus mentally on the same thing and put their feeling into it, the effect this has is always particularly strong. And if we concentrate on an ideal world, i.e. on the vision of a world in which all beings are well and the Earth and all the plants are wonderfully restored to what they were once meant to be, and if we put our love into this vision, we can bring about many positive things. And the more people who join in, the stronger the energy. This also has tremendous potential, especially if it is done at the same time.

Many studies have been carried out that clearly show that a group of meditators who simultaneously focus on the good and on love on a regular basis can, for example, bring about a significant decrease in crime in a particular region.

But I can also understand certain people warning against participating in such mass meditations.

This is because, as we know, where there is a lot of light, there can be a lot of dark trying to do something against it.

As I see it, the meditation itself is not the problem. The problem has to do with the subtle unlight beings who intercept the energy that people send out and turn it into something opposite, even if the people themselves do not want that at all.
If we only send out pure love, this is not possible. But since there are almost always other emotions involved, it is possible for these unlight beings to have access to what is being sent out.

But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t, as a group, focus our thoughts and feelings on something.
It’s just very important from my point of view that we know that there are certain things we need to consider.

When driving a car, for example - which is actually a dangerous activity - we also have to take certain precautions. We don’t just drive off blindly.

I think it is important that, before we begin the meditation, we connect with the loving Creator Source and clearly state the following intention to our Higher Self and our spiritual team:

We ourselves and what we send out must not be intercepted and used by the unlight on any level. We are light, and the energy we send out serves the light exclusively and therefore remains light.

It also matters who initiates things of this kind, because the intention of that person also gives rise to a direction in which the energy flows - positive or negative.

You must decide for yourselves if it feels good and right.

There’s nothing to be afraid of. Just know how things may be in some cases, respond accordingly, and all will be well.

With regard to the meditation, in which white light will also be used - last time there were reactions concerning this. It was said that white light is negative. But there are no inherently positive or negative colours. You can use any colour for anything. For example, the colour white can mean something positive like clarity, purity etc., but it is also used by unlight forces e.g. the Ku Klux Clan.

When we imagine in a meditation that we are receiving energies and/or colours from other planes, it is first and foremost important that these energies come from a loving source. Then the energy can be white or golden and all is well. If the energy comes from a dark, manipulated source, this white or even golden light is not good. And finally on this subject, I would like to say that I also don’t see and know everything. I just wanted to tell you what I do know about it. I like the idea of mass meditation as such, and that’s why you can find the link here. Ultimately, it’s important that you do exactly those things that you inwardly say “yes” to. What feels right to your heart.

It is so important right now that we come together, that our inner alignment forms a unified field, that we don’t let petty things divide us.

Nourishing and sending out the vision, over and over again, of an ideal Earth with joyful beings - that does us so much good and strengthens this field. This is one of the best things we can and should do right now. We should not only do this when there is a mass meditation, we should think about it and feel it as often as possible during the day.

And remember: in the end, all will be well.

Your Christina

P.S. I would also like to say that there is a channel on Telegram with my name, but it is not mine. Meditations are also offered there, but these are not from me. (But of course, it’s good if people spread the word about good things)

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