Elemental beings seminar

Dear Friends,

Our thoughts and the emotions that arise from these thoughts are what lead to an increase in our vibration. So when we do things that direct our thoughts and therefore our emotions towards something beautiful, we feel joy and our vibration automatically increases.

Nature can help us with this. When we go somewhere we find beautiful, we’re happy and our vibration increases.
If we’re having a bad day, just an excursion to a place we find beautiful can help us.

There are beings whose the task it is to support the Earth, nature and all created things. For example, by helping the flowers to bloom and the trees to grow. Nature beings do all this, even though we human beings often pay little attention to what we do to and with nature. It is so important for us to think about this ever and again and to send these beings our love. They do so many beautiful and important things on the Earth.

That’s why there is an announcement below about a seminar dealing with exactly this topic.

I’ve seen that there’s a channel on Telegram under my name. I just wanted to tell you that, despite the name, the channel is not mine.

Your Christina

Seminar announcement for quick decision makers:

An in-depth day with Mother Earth and the nature beings at a particularly special place on Saturday 08/08/2020

The idea for this day, which will be dedicated to Mother Earth and the nature beings, was born spontaneously.

Sigrid Beckmann-Lamb, spiritual teacher and founder of the “Seifener Modell” (www.seifener-modell.de), will be organising this event together with Christina.
This offer is aimed at people who have opened their senses to the subtle and are able to move in a careful and cautious manner in an environment that has been characterised by loving cooperation and respect for nature for over 30 years.

Due to this, the most varied nature beings are also so present in this - at first sight quite inconspicuous - most beautiful place in nature.

Let yourself be surprised and touched by what will certainly be an unforgettable day and by the rich messages for your soul that you will take home with you.

The number of participants is limited to a small group.
Place: 50 km east of Cologne.
Costs: Euro 280
You will receive exact details when you register with your full details (name, address, telephone number, e-mail address) at:

Should the weather not play along, we have planned Sunday, 09/08 as an alternative date.
You will receive all the necessary details when you register.
If you have questions beforehand, please contact events@christinavondreien.ch

In anticipation,
The Christina Team

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