Things are going to get strange, but in the end all will be well

Dear friends

Things are going to get strange, but in the end all will be well

"It took much more courage for us to incarnate here than it’ll take for the time that is now ahead of us. But we knew that. We knew that strange times would be coming which wouldn’t necessarily have much to do with logic - as we see now with regard to the measures being taken. What we’re experiencing here, is a narrative that has been pinned onto the virus and it’s wonderful that we have been able to meet again, because we don’t know what’s going to happen in the next few months. If you read the various newspapers, however, you can imagine what might be. It’s reasonable to assume that a next lockdown will come and that it will be worse than the first one. Unless it doesn’t come, of course. And if we imagine what would happen if businesses that were still open during the first lockdown were also closed, it’s just sensible to prepare.“

(Christina in Salzburg 29/08/2020)

Last night, more participants than ever before joined us for Christina’s Love Stream 9.

Today we have been receiving so much grateful feedback.
So many participants feel incredibly encouraged by Christina’s words and statements, regain courage and are able to shine their light brighter again.

This is the most important thing we can do.

Hearing about things from Christina’s perspective, often helps us to gain a new perspective on everything that’s going on, which enables us, despite our difficult situations in everyday life, to deal with things more easily.

Some of the subjects talked about yesterday were:

What’s happening on Earth has cosmic significance.
Were the dark forces originally human?
We are the ones who will bring change through our deeds.
Tips for the elimination of some unwanted substances.
It is not within the plans of either the light or the dark side that our lives will be the same again after this change.
The power we have because there are so many of us.
We didn’t come here to give up now!
The Earth will be purified
And much more.

Thank you Christina

If you weren’t there yesterday and didn’t book a live ticket
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It can be viewed for an unlimited time from today, Tuesday evening, 23/11.

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This is true crowdfunding:

Those who pay make it possible for those who cannot afford it to participate and to watch all the free offers on YouTube, for example the Friday Love Stream interview (German/English) with Angel Ribo (USA) every week.

Next live interview on Friday 26/11/ at 6 pm CET

From our hearts,

Your Christina team

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