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Dear friends,

With everything that’s happening on the Earth right now, things are sometimes really not easy, energetically. That’s why it’s important for us to purify ourselves ever and again.

For example, we may suddenly have feelings, thoughts, etc. that are not ours at all, but which we picked up from the collective field, as it were.

We can ask our spiritual team to completely free our body, mind and soul of all thoughts, emotions and structures that do not belong to us and are not for our highest divine good, so that our whole energy field is purified.

Your Christina

And because it’s so important to always remember the good and to feel that we’re not alone, Christina’s Love Stream 5 we will be taking place soon.

Together we will be building up an energy field of the heart, and this connection will remain long after this evening as past and will give us strength.



(for all adults as well, of course)

MONDAY, 12 July, from 18:00 to 20:30 CET

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Please send any questions you have that could also be exciting for others and that move you, no later than Sunday, 11 July to

[email protected]

Christina will then choose the questions that seem most appropriate to her and talk about them.

We are very much looking forward to being with you all and to experiencing with everyone the feeling of not being alone at all, but of being among the many - and to co-creating an enormous field of joy, confidence and courage.


The feedback on the webinars has been extremely positive - they seem to be helping an incredible number of people not to lose heart and to keep their vibration high during this difficult time.

Anyone who would still like to buy the Recording from the last Love Stream 4 from 19 June can do so here

Topics included:

  • What happens after death, from Christina’s point of view?

  • What is the matrix and what happens when more and more people wake up?

  • How can I give blessing? And much more.

Warm greetings,

Your Christina and team

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