Dear friends

Not everything in the subtle world that seems to be light-filled actually is light-filled. There are some beings who appear light-filled but in reality are not. It is therefore important to learn to distinguish whether the beings with whom one is in contact really belong to the pure light or not.

It is best to always consciously reconnect with the Source of Love so that you’re connected from there with the true beings of light.

It also helps if we clearly decide that we only want to be in contact with beings who serve the pure light.

An instruction to this effect came to my mind, which you can ask the Source to carry out.

I do not consider this instruction to be my “invention”. Other people have also had these thoughts. The truth is often expressed by several people, in different words.

If you give this instruction, you should be connected with the Source and consciously decide to give it.

It is as follows:

"On all my levels, whether known to me or not, it is my will to work solely with subtle beings who are connected to the Source of Love and who belong to the pure light of the Source.

Any agreements, contracts and arrangements that I have made with unlight beings and with beings who pretend to be light, but in truth do not belong to the pure light of the Source, will now be immediately dissolved on all levels.

In such a way that it is for my highest divine good."

Your Christina

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