Christina's Free Webinar for children and teenagers and further information

Dear friends,

Three things:


At the moment Christina is very actively engaged and part of various projects, which is why you’re getting such a lot of messages from us right now.

This is because NOW, right now, everything that promotes the good is so incredibly important. It has always been important, but especially at the present time, focusing again and again on the good has a particularly central significance.

This truly is a special time!
The struggle between the two polar forces is in full swing and Christina wants to give you as much support as possible so that you don’t lose your courage and confidence especially at this time!

That’s why she has decided to offer a free webinar on Monday, July 12 from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. CET, especially for children and teenagers

(parents and other adults are, of course, also very welcome)

Please make a note of this date and spread the word. Our aim is to join together and build a vast field of love, joy and confidence.

If they have questions they would like to ask Christina, children and teenagers in particular are asked to send them to
[email protected] before 10.06.

More info to follow.


After Love Stream 4, which took place yesterday evening 19.06. and was once again a wonderful experience, we would like to point out that you have the opportunity to purchase it again as a recording.
Here is the link:

It was a beautiful feeling to be together with all those present in such a tangible way, and the heart energy was so strong. Thanks again to everyone who participated and to all who enter this field after the event.

And thirdly:

Christina’s free masterclass is only available for a short time!

There is also an entire course program being offered for purchase which is extremely comprehensive and which, in addition to 7 detailed course sections, includes the following:

- Bonus 1:

Christina von Dreien’s complete seminar on “Consciously Creating Peace” (Vienna, September 2020)

- Bonus 2 :

the complete one-day seminar with Christina von Dreien
(Leipzig, February 2020)

- the first guided meditation by Christina von Dreien

- two live calls with Christina, in which you can ask questions and receive answers from her personally

The free online masterclass

With Christina von Dreien:

Our Heart is Our Compass

In this new, free masterclass “Our Heart is Our Compass”, Christina von Dreien takes you on a consciousness-expanding journey, showing you how to continuously create space and time in your life for your heart’s priorities, and to remember ever and again that you are love…

Unbenannt Kopie

Your Christina and team

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