Increase in vibration

Dear friends

The increase in vibration and the ascent are not only taking place on Earth, but also in our solar system. The other planets and the sun are also going through this kind of process.

The sun that we see in our sky is connected energetically to the central sun.

Through the sun, we can receive energetic information that will help us to open our consciousness more and reactivate our DNA.

When our DNA is fully reactivated, we will be able to use abilities such as telepathy and telekinesis once more. These abilities are the birthright of human beings. It would actually be normal for people to have these abilities.

Whether or not a person wakes up in this incarnation and reactivates their DNA depends on their consciousness. Some people are not able to wake up in this incarnation. But those who are, will.

And with their consciousness they will enable the great change towards the good to come about, and thereby also help the necessary transformations to take place in a more gentle manner.

Your Christina

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