Corona as a chance

Dear friends,
We're experiencing very turbulent times at the moment. Without doubt, news of the Coronavirus has reached all of us by now, how could it be otherwise... and with it, all the newspaper articles and the associated freedom-restricting measures. I know that many people are afraid. Not only because of the consequences of these measures, but also because of the coronavirus itself.
I'd like to share my view with you:
I don't think the coronavirus is as dangerous as it’s being made out to be right now. Yes, people die from it and every single case is sad - but according to the Robert Koch Institute, 25,100 people died in Germany during the flu epidemic in 2017/18 alone. Every year (depending on the information source) between 15,000 and 40,000 people die of so-called multi-resistant germs, which they first contract in hospitals.
The fact that the coronavirus is made out to be so dangerous has, in my view, to do with an attempt to put people into a state of panic. This decreases the vibration everywhere, and fear is known to make people manipulable. This then persuades us to agree to all the measures that restrict our freedom, because we believe they're necessary.
Those people in power on the Earth, those who pull the strings and don't want to give up this power, have brought this virus into the world to further their plans. Corona means nothing other than crown. The crowning touch to the plan, the keystone.
But the virus is not as dangerous as these people would have liked it to be. There is a certain basic protection shielding humankind in everything that happens. You don't have to be afraid of the virus. Of course, you can get ill, and if it gets bad, you could die. However, you could die from 100 other diseases. You could die - that possibility exists - but it's the same with every illness. Apart from this, your fear alone can make you ill! And this has been stirred up hugely by the media and this fear is exactly what is intended.
No matter whether you are one of those who still believe that this virus is something to be afraid of, or whether you've realised that it's only a media dramatisation - life has already changed for many. Children are at home and no longer at school as they used to be - at least that's already the case here in Switzerland. You are also at home and not busy with your work as you usually are. And some people will probably lose their jobs because the company they work for will have to close down. People stay away from restaurants and other facilities if they’re not already closed. For many people, this means a huge change. They have to reorganise things and find solutions. I can understand that this is exhausting and that some people are desperate.
In spite of this, try to remember that everything has a hidden blessing. And that we can cope with everything - if we want to. And that if we don't forget to ask for help, then the possibilities with which the spiritual world can help us are much greater. The majority of humankind has forgotten what it’s all about. They live in fear. That’s why it is so important for all those who do know that staying rooted in love is what it’s all about actually live this right now. It's important to remember what you're grateful for, to remember the beauty in life, and why humankind is of such high worth.
The more humankind lives in fear, the more we need people who don't let themselves be carried away by it and who send something positive into the field. Currently, this issue affects almost everyone on this planet. The more people who focus on what’s good about this situation - instead of what’s threatening or difficult - the more we can influence the outcome of this for the good. We can use the current situation as an opportunity to help others, to take time for ourselves and our family, and to practice being confident.
After all, there is always a solution.
Your Christina

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