The Earth feels everything and Christinas Webinars availablein English now!

Dear friends,

We’re all so busy at the moment with the issues that reach us almost exclusively through the media.

Getting out into nature as often as possible balances this out and does us so much good.

We nourish ourselves from the energy field of the Earth, from all the beautiful places, from the energy of the trees, from the water and from the air we need to breathe.

And yet we’re so careless when it comes to nature.

The Earth has an energy system just like we do. She has energy pathways, energy points and an energy field as well. And everything that humanity does, thinks and feels can be seen in this field. How we treat nature, how we treat other people, how we treat animals, etc.

We are all connected to the Earth. We say that plants and animals belong to nature – but we human beings also belong to nature and are connected to the Earth. The Earth perceives everything that happens on her surface. She senses us human beings, too. She feels it when we destroy her nature. But she also feels it when loving human beings walk on her. The Earth feels our every loving touch. When we touch a tree with love, or caress the soil in our garden.

And when the Earth feels our loving touch, this also gives her strength. This helps her to get through hard times better. And she can feel that a great number of human beings have realised that they have to treat nature differently. She feels that their consciousness is opening up more and more, and that they wish for a future that is beautiful.

Nature can balance and harmonise itself. Nature was already regulating itself when other civilisations lived on the Earth. And it was also regulating itself before today’s human beings started doing forest regeneration and animal population control (as in hunting), etc. We imagine that nature needs us in order to be healthy.

As I see it, that’s not true.
However, in order for it to stay healthy, it does needs us, in the sense that, by existing on the Earth, we have our position in nature and we need to hold that position for everything to be in harmony on the Earth.

The Earth not only has energy paths like we do, but also consciousness. It would have been easy for her to wipe us out within the space of one day. She didn’t do it, though. This means she has infinite patience and love for us. An unconditional, forgiving love. And from my perspective, this also means that she has the hope and the confidence that we are capable of learning.

If her love were not so great, her patience would have run out long ago.

In the very beginning, humankind was thought of to be a kind of guardian. If you look at humanity today, you can sense that some big, adverse event must have taken place.

But every human being who wakes up, re-establishes a connection with their soul, and sees a conscious being in everything, helps humanity become once more what it was meant to be.

Your Christina


Love Stream 2 from the Planet One in Arbon

After the great success of Love Stream 1 and the many enthusiastic mails and comments, we are pleased to announce that Christina will hold her second live webinar,
Love Stream 2 from Planet One in Arbon, on Friday, 05. March 2021, again from 19:00 to 21:30 CET.

The webinar will be held in German language but will be available with an English voice- over a few days later.

At this time in particular, it is so important for us to be able to feel that we’re not alone and that our energies can connect simultaneously to strengthen the field of the good.

We need courage and support and that’s what this webinar is for.

You can send us one short question of general interest per person in advance to

In the first half, Christina will talk about how to constructively deal with the current challenges, among other things, and in the second half she will respond to some of the questions you’ve asked.

Click here to to receive the link for the recording in English that will be available a few days after the Live Stream
(EUR 29.- plus VAT/CHF 33.- plus VAT)

Click here for the recording in English of Christinas first Webinar that she held on Tuesday, 01/19 2021, available and viewable NOW:
(EUR 29.- plus VAT/CHF 33.- plus VAT)

The recording will be viewable to all ticket buyers for two weeks from the day of issue. You will receive the link leading to this recording with the confirmation letter from Digistore.

We look forward to being with you!

Warm greetings,

Christina and team

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