The quiet things

Dear friends,

We humans have forgotten how to listen to the quiet things. We’ve got used to the fact that if something is important, it’s big and loud. But we have forgotten that the small and subtle is also important. The big and loud is something we have a lot of in this world, because the world is currently dominated by male energy. Female energy is still being suppressed. This has to do with our present time.

But the change that is taking place now has to do with the balancing of these two energies. Male energy is not bad, nor is female energy.

Humanity has been consciously made to stop hearing the female energy. But we need the things that are small and subtle, we need this softness for the transition, so that it can happen much more easily. We need both of these energies. Female energy is an energy that receives, and when we begin to receive, we’re much more open to things of a subtle nature. But most people don’t realise that such things exist, because these things are unspectacular. Most people are bored if things are unspectacular.

They’re used to the fact that if something is important, you can’t help but hear about it. We all have both energies in us, but in most of us, one energy is stronger than the other. And which one that is, doesn’t depend on whether you are now a man or a woman, - it has to do with your soul and with your task. We can have both. One thing is certain: we need both energies to bring the scales back into balance.

Everything we have here on this physical level is actually just condensed energy.

The quiet and subtle is also energy, and energy always transports specific information.

Music is also energy.

The music of Bach and Mozart and also the music of Alexander Aandersan, which I like so much, also transports very specific information. These people have served as channels to bring certain things to the Earth in musical form. It’s sacred geometry that is contained within this music. However, not all music that exists these days is like that, but the “real” music that comes from these great composers and musicians is. The subtle is also our spiritual home. And every time we listen to beautiful music and are open to it, we receive what has been put in there on the energy level and something changes in our field.

In this way, we can increase our own frequency and that of our environment.

(Christina in Salzburg, 15/02/2020)


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