The animals are our brothers and sisters

The animals are our brothers and sisters

Everything that exists has consciousness and therefore thoughts and feelings.

The more we’re in touch with our heart and feel the love that we actually are once again, the more naturally we deal lovingly and respectfully with all things.

This applies not only to people, but also to animals, plants and everything else we can see - including our table, our bed, our car - to simply everything.

When we treat something lovingly, for example an animal, the animal of course feels our love. We then also feel good and this has to do, among other things, with the fact that we receive the love that the animal sends back to us.

This is also the case with a table or a piece of clothing: they react to our feelings.

The way we deal with everything that surrounds us is also stored in our collective. This means that all the suffering of the animals goes into our collective, too, and therefore has an influence on the whole energetic field. The suffering we inflict on animals and other beings, whether they are gross-material or subtle, wraps itself around the earth like a heavy energy mist and permeates everything.

Suffering and fear cause heaviness. When we treat animals well, lightness ensues. And also in the collective of the animals, the energy becomes lighter when we humans treat them lovingly.

If animals aren’t thriving, how will human beings ever thrive?

The writer Leo Tolstoy once said: “As long as there are slaughterhouses, there will be battlefields”

Human beings were originally meant to be the guardians of this Earth and all the life forms on it. So we also have a responsibility for what happens to the animals. They are our brothers and sisters.

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New interview

In the following interview with Roberto Antela Martinez, we talk about this briefly – among other things. I’m delighted that this interview came about spontaneously a few days ago.

Many thanks to all who helped with this.

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And here’s another announcement


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And funnily enough, it has the same name as my seminars in the past:
“Consciousness creates peace” …but it may also be that my seminars had the same name as even earlier lectures by Daniele…we don’t know for sure, only one thing is certain - it’s true: Consciousness creates peace.

The online course is about how we can contribute to peace and about mindfulness exercises and much more:

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