The connection is always there

Dear friends

It’s good to be prepared for the coming times – not only on the physical level, but also on the spiritual level.

There are people who identify themselves, often unconsciously, with the money in their bank account or with their job, for example. Their money or their job is what gives them their inner anchor. For these people, the coming times will be more difficult.

If, however, our inner anchor is not outside of us, but within - with our soul - then, on the one hand, it’ll be easier for us in the coming times, and on the other, our inner anchor is then exactly where it was originally intended to be: within us as a soul. That is what we truly are.

In order for us to find our anchor in ourselves as a soul, it’s important for us to first open our consciousness to the fact that we are more than our body. That we are, and always have been, immortal souls. We’ve just forgotten.

It is stillness that enables us to connect with our soul. Through our intention we can then try, with our heart or with our light body, to find this connection. In stillness, we can also ask our spiritual helpers to help us feel the connection to our soul.

Because the connection is always there, but sometimes we just don’t feel it consciously.

Your Christina

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