The future is not carved in stone

Dear friends

We can't always know what will happen in the future. But we can know what has happened so far – or has not.

Of course, some things have happened that aren’t good, but compared to what is in the field energetically, there’s a lot that hasn’t manifested itself up until now. There are several reasons for this.

One of them is that the future is not carved in stone and that the way things develop is also related to us human beings. Certain events can only come about if the majority of people resonate with them. For an event to manifest itself, a matching vibration is required.

When we see to it that we ourselves are in an inner state of acceptance, love, joy or trust, we have a corresponding vibration.
This is not only lovely for us, but it also helps the human collective. We are all part of humanity and our vibration goes into the collective field as information. This changes the resonance a little bit each time and we contribute to a better and smoother process of transformation.

Your Christina

Christina in Amsterdam!


Love Stream Special

with simultaneous interpretation in English and Dutch, both online and at the location.
Sunday, 27 November 2022:
from 13:30 to approx.18:00 CET
with Tijn Touber
Live in


In the first part, Christina will speak for about an hour. After that, there will be the usual question and answer session, led by Nicola Good. Tijn Touber will also bring questions from his community and lead our common meditation at the end.

Among others, the following subjects will be taken up:
Does climate change exist in the way it is currently portrayed?
What is Christina’s view on this subject?
Are we getting any help at all from the forces of light and what effect can this have?
What does Christina perceive in this regard?
Will there be an intervention from a higher level?
Can the Earth and nature be healed again and if so, how?
Why do we not know about the plans of the forces of light?

And much more.

We are already looking forward to being with you and to entering once again into the strong common heart-field that we create together.
Let`s get together again!

Online tickets here:
with a choice of German audio, Dutch interpretation or English interpretation – recording included:
(Registration for on-site places see below)

German orignal
Online tickets

With English voice over translation
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With Dutch voice over translation
Online tickets

(EUR 39.-/ CHF 39.- plus VAT)

New: for our Dutch friends iDEAL payment is now possible!

As always, you can also purchase the online tickets with a 50% discount if things are too tight for you financially at the moment. Please send an e-mail to [email protected].

There are still a few places available at the location!

Admission will be possible from 12:00. Start: 13:30 to approx.18:00 CET
EUR 140.- recording included, cash payment on site.
No card payment possible!

Binding registration with name, address, e-mail and telephone number via e-mail to:
[email protected]

You will then receive an info mail with the address of the venue and more.

In anticipation and with heartfelt greetings,

Yours Christina, Tijn, Nicola and Team

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