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Question for Christina: How can you be so sure that all will be well in the end?

"There are several reasons: The end is the ascent of the Earth.
Even if things are strange on the surface of the Earth right now, that’s not going to stop the Earth raising her frequency, because the Earth has her own frequency and we human beings have ours.

On the surface of the Earth, what we do matters, and that has an impact on the collective field.

The Earth herself, as a being, can raise her frequency, even if everything is rather strange on her surface right now.
That’s one reason.

The other one is: On a subtle level, the light has already won.
But before this arrives here in the physical, it’s usually the case that things get worse for us.

There can be oases, but generally things get worse first.

But that doesn’t mean something’s going wrong.
The whole process is only so difficult and is taking so long because the unlight beings are still partly here and have quite different plans, ones that are not good for human beings.

However, if you look from much higher levels, you can see that all will be well in the end.
And that’s exactly why we’re here.

We’re also here for the time after the bad times. And then, especially, we will be able to build something beautiful and new.
Keeping going, even when things are so strange here, will pay off in the end

So let’s not be distracted from our intention and direction!

(Christina in Love Stream 12)

Your Christina

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