Keep the light shining

Dear friends,

An incredible number of things are happening right now. There’s a great deal of information about what is currently going on, how or where things will or could happen. It’s clear that there’s a tug-of-war going on between the light and the unlight.

Try to sense for yourself how you would categorise which information.

There are also good things going on in the background, but we only hear about them if we go in search of this information ourselves. What is certain is that many things are coming to light and will come to light in the future.

For me, there’s no question that each of us has a role in the divine plan. Some have more to do because of their role, perhaps as a focus of public attention, than others, but everyone with good intentions is needed to enable developments over the next few months to be as positive for us as possible.

No “saviour” will come to sort everything out for us. While there are indeed people who can do a lot of good as individuals, support is also needed from those who may not seem to have “much” to do at the moment.

There are subtle grids around the Earth. The dolphins and whales are maintaining a network of light of this kind. And as human beings, we’re now also called upon to strengthen the Earth’s network of light, especially at the present time when many live in fear and anxiety.

I realise that for some people it is really not easy right now. Many people have no idea what will happen financially, what will happen to their jobs, etc.

At just these moments when you think you’re now really desperate, it’s so important to try to sit down and connect with your inner light. If you connect with your own light for just 30 minutes a day, or several times for a few minutes, and remember that our spiritual helpers support us as much as they can if we just ask them to do so and connect with love and gratitude - gratitude for how wonderful it is that we have warmth in spite of everything, that we have a home, that we can breathe, be in contact with our dearest fellow human beings etc. - this then makes it easier for us because our thoughts are in positive fields. And that gives us strength, trust and confidence.

I also think it’s important to remember that, on our soul level, we knew times were coming that wouldn’t be easy and in which we would be challenged, but that afterwards things would turn out well for us. Of course, not everything will be great right away because many people will still have outdated programming and people will act in line with this programming.

Now, in the coming months, and when everything has been stabilised again for some time, it’s necessary for us as humanity to gain knowledge. For only when a large number of people gain knowledge will this increasingly enter into the collective field.

And humanity needs knowledge, about everything - about ourselves, but also about everything that has been happening in the world without us being aware of it. Every insight allows us to wake up a little bit more. Our consciousness will open further and this will have an influence on the collective and therefore on the events on Earth.

I wish you a wonderful and eye-opening time and much optimism,

**Christina **

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