The ideal world and thank you

Dear friends,

"Things we are able to imagine begin to manifest themselves in our lives. There’s no other way. It’s a law. If we, together with many other people, can imagine an ideal world - meaning a world in which all beings thrive - and imagine how it feels, then it has to become manifest here on the Earth. It’s not enough just to wish for something. In order to send something into the field, we must really want it.

Love together with the will to bring it about creates this field - our only option for our future. The spiritual world can help us with this, but we Earth dwellers are the ones who have to implement it. That’s why it’s so important that we focus on this ideal world - so that we don’t lose our trust, in the times to come. It’s also good to know that our collective consciousness helps determine what will happen between now and the “end”. And the higher our consciousness, the more awake we are, the less crazy the next months will be. The best thing we can do, therefore, is to see to it that we are as joyful and as well as we can possibly be, that we maintain our trust and confidence, and that we see this time as a phase that is not going to last for 100 years. We live in duality. But we can only see the positive in it if we allow the thought that there is something positive in it to arise. We can also tell our helpers in the spiritual world to help us to see things positively and with a certain amount of humour.

(Christina in Salzburg, 06. Sept. 2020)

At this point Christina and team would like to thank everyone

who participated in Love Stream 3 last Friday, 9 April,

very sincerely.

It was simply beautiful to feel the energy - especially at the end, during our 3-minute meditation for love and for all the beings who are present on this planet at this time and whose mission it is to help us. It was such a wonderful common energy field!
Thank you also for the great questions, there are still many left that will come up next time - for example, what happens after death from Christina’s point of view, or what the “Matrix” is, and much more.

For all those who were not present on Friday and hadn’t registered to participate (the link for the recording was included in the registration), the recording can be purchased separately here. The Recording with an English voice over and/or subtitles will be ready within the next few days. You will get informed as soon as it is available.
It can then be viewed until the next Love Stream.


You will receive the recording of Love Stream -3- from PlanetOne

Warm greetings,

Christina and team

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