Is our historiography correct?


Dear friends,

Reality is much greater and very different to what we sometimes think.

There are ancient cultures that used to exist on the Earth that you won't read about in school textbooks. These cultures have also left us knowledge and technology, for example. Officially this is not known, but unofficially certain people do know.

Much is deliberately kept secret so that the public remains unaware of it. This is because if it were publicly known, we would also have to publicly rethink much of what has been considered truth up until now.

One example is the facility in the Bucegi Mountains in Romania, which is also connected underground with other facilities around the world.

Much of what we are told about the past of humanity and the Earth is – like so much else – a lie or consists only of half-truths. For people who have never heard anything other than the official record of the past, this is not easy to understand.

If we have a good connection to ourselves and our soul, we are better able to deal with the fact that our world view changes when we receive new information, because we find our inner anchor within ourselves and not in a world view.

More and more things will come to light in the future that could turn our standard world view upside down.



Your Christina







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