Enjoy your life

Dear friends,

With all the unrest and the things that are happening everywhere in the world right now, it’s especially important for us to make sure that we’re as well and as joyful as we can possibly be - now and in the coming months. Only in this way can we maintain the confidence and the trust that everything will turn out well in the end.
Only in this way can we send positive feelings into the collective field every day. These positive feelings are not only good for us ourselves but they also help to create more positivity in the collective. And the more joy, love, contentment and confidence there is in the field, the easier the next months can be.
Every day, we can imagine what a healed world looks like until we feel it.
Through our feelings, we manifest this healed world. We may have subtle help, but we must also do something ourselves.
And each one of us is important. Everyone can imagine what a healed world looks like, can feel it and contribute their help in this way.
Nothing was ever created without a vision. Things must first be there on the subtle level before they can manifest themselves in the material world.
In the end, everything will turn out well, but it needs our help. As soon as we know that, then it’s our responsibility to keep sending something good into the field.
Let’s not forget the “little” things in everyday life: a smile, a friendly look, a kind word… all of these things are more important than we imagine.

Your Christina

Information on upcoming events:

It looks as if the event in Vienna from 10/10/2020 to 19/09/2020 can take place. There are still places free.
It’s rather difficult to make any definite plans at the moment, but we’d like to announce the next two live events that have been scheduled. Both are of course not 100% sure due to the current circumstances, but for now the following two events are planned:
On Saturday, 21 November 2020 in Basel

A 2-day event for a small group (up to 140 people) on 5/6 December 2020 in Wildhaus/SG, Switzerland
As soon as everything is fixed, we will inform you about the presale of tickets.
We are also preparing everything for future webinars and are looking into the possibility of offering live streaming of events in the future.

Warm greetings,

Christina & team

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