Our light is power - and an announcement Live Event

Dear friends,

When we touch the hearts of others with our light, those people feel it in that they become more confident in that they feel hope, see something positive again in a difficult situation, and also receive insights that are important for them and see more clearly once more. We can also give each other strength.

For the light that we are is that strength.

And when we are connected to what we really are, we also feel within ourselves that in the end all will be well.

Because you can’t stop love, you can only delay it.

Your Christina

Announcement of LIVE event on 24 and 25 July 2021

each day is a one-day seminar

This seminar will be held only in german!

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At last!

The long-awaited LIVE event on July 24 and 25, 2021, each day is a one-day seminar

Activate the Golden Age

With Christina von Dreien, Roberto Antela Martinez & Friends

Experience LIVE a unique, exclusive event with these two wonderful teachers and their guests in the beautiful surroundings of Blaubeuren near Ulm in Germany.



You are entering the field of love, wisdom and healing.

Christina and Roberto will take you by the hand, personally, and help you to raise your consciousness even further and more quickly, to simplify and accelerate this whole process of change - the path to the Golden Age. For your good and the good of the greater whole.

We want to become outwardly active, together, with one voice, to reach out to you at this challenging time and offer you advice and support. For humankind has never been faced with a turning point anything like the present one in its entire history.

A wonderful future awaits us in the coming age. We want to prepare you for this change, so that it can happen for you quickly and as smoothly as possible and even turn out to be a wonderful experience.

You will feel strengthened, joyful and well equipped for what lies ahead.

The Golden Age lies within us, and once we have activated it inwardly, it will manifest itself outwardly.

You can already look forward to the following programme points:

(Saturday and Sunday are identical, with the same program)

- An incredible amount of knowledge that will help you in everyday life

- Great news from the spiritual world

- Joint meditation

- Answers to your questions

- And much more…

Exclusive Q&A session

At the end of the event you will have the wonderful opportunity to personally ask us questions, which will be answered directly.

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There have been five Golden Ages since the birth of our planet, and we are currently preparing for the sixth Golden Age. The search for truth as well as a new consciousness and loving cooperation are foremost. There has never been such a major change in the history of humankind and we can look forward to what is coming.

Due to the current Corona regulations, seating at the venue is currently limited to 80 people per day.

If these regulations change, the number of tickets will of course be increased.

The ticket price for the live participation is €230.00 per day

A day ticket includes lunch, coffee and cake as well as drinks for the whole day.

No expense or effort will be spared. On site, you will have the opportunity to ask Roberto’s master coaches questions directly and also receive guidance.


Don’t be sad if you’re not among the lucky ones who can be there physically.

In the run-up, so many people have announced that they want to be there that the tickets will certainly be gone in no time at all.


And experience has shown that the energy of LOVE and HEALING can also be felt very strongly even at a distance, in your living room! This has been confirmed in the huge amount of feedback from past online events.

Unfortunately, the number of online tickets is also limited, due to technical demands!

The price for the limited real-time online tickets is

€149.00 per day


This event will be a holiday for your soul - and there is hardly anything you can do that is more important, especially during this time, than taking care of your soul and your sense of well-being! Let’s strengthen the field of love, joy and healing together.

We look forward with all our hearts to being with you and to our wonderful future together!

Much love

Christina von Dreien,

Roberto Antela Martinez & Friends

As you know, in order to strengthen the field of compassion, part of the proceeds will be donated to animal welfare projects


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