Light trails

Dear friends
There are some situations that we're not able to change immediately, even if we would like to. The only thing we can do is to change our approach. Sometimes this alone changes a lot and then we can simply deal with the situation more easily, even if it is still there.
The more we're connected to what we truly are - the more we're connected to our inner light and soul - the more we can find our anchor within ourselves and not in physical things outside of us. The physical world around us can always change and if our anchor is there, we lose it when that physical world changes.
That's why many people don't wake up. They lack this connection to their soul, they have their anchor entirely in the physical plane, in things like the current system. Then they obviously can't question the system our society runs on, because as soon as they did so, they would put into question everything they believe to be the only reality they can hold on to.
If we find our anchor within ourselves, we will be better able to cope with the times ahead as well. And we can focus on the fact that we want to and will create an ideal world: a world in which all beings thrive, in which they are free and happy and human beings act in accordance with their heart.
The ideal, beautiful world starts within ourselves and we are then able manifest it.
But if we do feel afraid, the best thing we can do is retreat for a moment into silence and pause to remember and consciously connect with who we truly are because there, there simply is no fear. We are light.
You can see that on the subtle level.
Wherever they are, people who are more conscious leave trails of light. Wherever they go, people who are more conscious leave trails of light. So no matter where we work or live, we leave trails of light behind us. The more often we connect with our consciousness, with who we are deep inside, the stronger this light shines.
That's our task: to spread light, in whatever way and wherever it is right for us, individually. Each one of us has a different position in the greater whole, a position our soul has chosen.
That's why it's so important for us to keep connecting to our inner light.
Your Christina

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