My new book

Dear friends,

Today I would like to present my short, new book, which will be available in book shops from November 18th. This is intended to be an encouragement for the time to come:


2020 was a strange, crazy “Corona” year. It was dominated by worldwide crises, by fear and insecurity, by measures and protests, by hostile thinking and mutual recrimination.
This book invites us to broaden our horizon of perception and to raise the responsibility for world affairs from the political to the personal level: what exactly can each individual human being contribute to ultimately changing our destructive and ailing system for the better?

● See the positive in everything and promote it

● Be open to new insights

● Don’t be afraid - no matter what happens

● Trust that all will be well in the end

● Ask our spiritual helpers for support

● Cultivate contentment, gratitude and forgiveness

Christina’s encouragement gives us strength and confidence: we can and will create for ourselves the beautiful, ideal world of global peace that we all long for - and we’ll do it now.

A short book that inspires great courage.

If you pre-order at the Govinda Publishing House, your book will be delivered one week earlier.

A French and an Italian edition of the book will then be published in December. These translations can also be pre-ordered.

The official price: CHF 15.30 / EUR 11.50

For orders from Switzerland:

For orders from Austria:

For orders from Germany and all other countries:

We would like to encourage you to order directly from the respective publishing house rather than from the international corporations.

All three “Christina” volumes are now also available as e-books. You can find more information on your preferred e-book platform.

And in addition, here is a peace project, which it gives us great pleasure to publicise:

The first online course by Dr. Daniele Ganser,

This starts on Saturday 24.10.

Daniele Ganser

Join the peace movement.

This course is completely free and self-contained.

No obligations arise from participation

Click here to register. This is still possible until 25.10.

The contributions will remain accessible for 2 days.

We hope there will be numerous participants!

Warm greetings,

Christina and Team

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