New year's message 2022

Dear friends

The new year has begun. This is a date determined by human beings, but nevertheless, this change over reminds us each time that we can finalise something old and, in doing so, also make room for something new.

We can do this every day, but at the turn of the year, it is in the consciousness of a particularly large amount of people.
If we don’t yet know or can’t yet see the new, then we enter into the unknown and that can also make us feel insecure.

But the more our inner support is located within ourselves, the better we can deal with change, the better we can just trust and not always have to know everything or control everything to feel safe. We then find it easier to enter the unknown.

It helps us to get along better if we can nourish the vision of how we wish future life on Earth to be, if we can see it as an image and also feel it, at all times. This is simply because we would all like to be happy. That’s part of our being. We want to be happy and feel it.

But sometimes it’s difficult to imagine how we can get there, especially now when so many forces want to prevent exactly that from happening. The unlight beings are afraid of love, because they cannot control it, which is why distancing and alienation are being encouraged so much right now.

Our higher self has more insight into certain things than we who are incarnated here on the Earth do. That is why we are currently not able to know certain things in our day consciousness, but on a spiritual level we do know about them.

We are not able and do not have to see the solution in our day consciousness. It is enough to take the next best step, the one we can see at the moment. And out of this, something else appears which allows us to move on.

Every decision we make sets something in motion. When we make a decision, no matter how small the decision is, we use our creative power. Even when we think we are not making any decisions, we are. We are choosing what is already there.

If we decide we want something different, we begin directing our consciousness towards something new.

And that is happening very strongly right now. The new, the good can already be seen emerging everywhere. It is so strong in the collective field that it can no longer be stopped - only delayed.

Just as you cannot stop love, but only delay it. And that’s why, whatever happens, you should maintain your courage and your confidence.

Your Christina

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