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There are various laws in the universe. One of these is the law of resonance.

In some situations we ask ourselves why a certain thing is happening to us. Many people then immediately think it must have something to do with them, that there is a resonance within them that attracts that experience. In some situations this is indeed the case. But not everything that happens in our lives is solely dependent on our resonance.

At the moment, for example, the whole of humanity is in a situation in which it has never been before, and in which many things are coming to a head. Many people are confronted with worries and problems because of this situation that they never had before. I’ve been thinking about whether it’s so that every single person on the Earth is in resonance with this current world situation. Of course, I don’t have insights into everything by any means, let alone an overview of everything. So I can only say what I personally think, even if it may not be completely correct. I think the current situation is too complex for that.

In the current situation there is simultaneously a lot of fear, unconsciousness, restrictions and the further surrender of responsibility and power. And if you look at the majority of humanity right now, you realise that these things are exactly what most people have had all their lives. Their actions are often (un)consciously guided by fear and worry, there is a lot of unconsciousness, most people are restricted in their consciousness and live as if in a prison, and most pass on the responsibility they have to create a better world and a truly better life of their own to other people or organisations - in the hope that they will solve their problems.
This means that you can say that some of the current global situation is based on resonance. Because, if there were more consciousness collectively, humanity would choose to not spread fear, it would choose love instead. At that moment, humanity would no longer be manipulable, because when we’re connected to what we truly are, we can no longer be manipulated so easily. But when we are in a state of fear, it is possible and very easy. That’s why this is being done deliberately in every country. It’s being done so that everyone remains as manipulable as possible.

However, even if the majority resonates with the current situation, it does also means that not everyone resonates with it. This means then that some people now have problems and worries, not because they are in resonance with the current situation, but because certain circumstances just are the way they are. This is because the majority in the collective field of humanity has unconsciously made it possible. And if we have a global situation like this, everyone is in it too, even if they don’t resonate with it. It’s like when you’re driving on the road and suddenly you’re in a traffic jam because of an accident. You yourself have nothing to do with the accident, but because you’re on the same road, you’re now also stuck in the traffic jam. Without resonance.

Whether we resonate with something or not, we can ask ourselves in every situation, what can we learn from it and where is the positive in this situation. And we can always ask our spiritual helpers for support and help. If we’re not sure whether we’re in resonance with something or not, we can reflect on ourselves. Resonance can be something beautiful, but also something unpleasant. Resonance - if the situation does indeed have to do with resonance - means, after all, that something is coming towards us from our environment that we ourselves carry within us. But this is a broad and diverse field, because by no means everything we encounter in our lives is based on resonance.

When it comes to resonance, there are a few more indicators that can tell us if we’re in resonance with something. Our environment can mirror what we ourselves carry within us and that is then our resonance. Here are a few examples of how to recognise this mirroring, especially when has to do with something that’s blocking us:

  • if we encounter a certain pattern repeatedly. For example always ending up in situations where you lose something, or are abandoned, etc. and wondering why you keep meeting the same thing over and over again.

  • If other people have a characteristics that irritate us. For example, if we have a problem with other people showing certain emotions or feelings towards us, it often means that we’re not really able to live that emotion or feeling ourselves.

  • The way others treat us can also say something about ourselves. As a rule, if we don’t take ourselves seriously, others won’t either. And if we don’t appreciate ourselves, we will often not feel appreciated by other people either. This means we have to look at our relationship with ourselves.

This is a very complex theme.

It’s important, as always, that we love ourselves, even if we sometimes “discover” a part of us that we have not been willing to look at up until then. Because all these things are only programs and they form our personality. But our true self is always our core. And this is and remains light and love.

Your Christina

Here are two short YouTube excerpts from the last Love Stream 4 with English subtitles:

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