Doing something that does us good

Dear friends,

If we love ourselves, then we also support ourselves - also in those areas where it’s difficult for us at the moment.

If we support ourselves in difficult situations, this enables us to find our own inner anchor of stability. And that increases our frequency.

Even if we notice that it is difficult for us to love and support ourselves, we should just try anyway. That alone does us good.

Not only what we do has a frequency, but also the intention with which we do it.

So, even if we try to love ourselves and realise that we can’t really feel it yet, the very act of trying is good for us because our intention is always there in the action.

Whether it’s self-love or something else, if we notice that getting there will be a process, it’s worth starting and sticking with it, even if it takes patience and perseverance. If we continue on our path, we will also receive help from our helpers in the spiritual world.

And how can we give ourselves support?

Self-love also means doing something that does us good, ever and again. For the very fact that we are divine beings, that we have this divine spark in our innermost core and that we are love in our deepest core is reason enough for us to love ourselves -
And good enough reason for doing something that does us good.

Everything that does us good supports us and raises our frequency. And this enables us to carry more light out into the world.

Your Christina

Love Stream 8 was once again a wonderful event!

The great amount of enthusiastic feedback shows us repeatedly that Christina’s work is so very important.

Christina speaks more and more freely and clearly and she also talks about very specific topics.
About ensouled beings and those without a soul, here on earth, and about what’s happening and what the plans are for humanity - and what we can do.

As always, we are full of confidence and centred in our hearts at the end of the Love Streams.

Thank you Christina

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Warm greetings

Your Christina and team

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