The 4th Dimension


Dear friends,

It is said that the Earth is now moving from 3D to 5D and people often ask why, and what about the 4th dimension.

The fourth dimension is what is sometimes called the astral plane.

This dimension, like the third dimension, exists here on the Earth, but it's not consciously perceived by many people. If you can consciously perceive subtle energies, you can also perceive the astral plane.

On this plane there are beings of varying kinds. There are luminous beings but there are also those who are manipulative and want to keep humanity held within their manipulation. So it's not all light in the fourth dimension and some of the manipulation that we're experiencing here in the third dimension comes from the fourth dimension.

There are different areas in the fourth dimension. There are areas that are more light-filled and others that are not.

As I see it, over time, the fourth dimension will be cleansed of those beings who are not ready to accept the light. This is because the Earth is increasing her vibration and those beings who are not ready to adapt to the vibration will eventually have to leave the Earth.

The fact that the Earth is increasing her vibration not only changes our physical plane but also has an energetic and cleansing effect.

Your Christina





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