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Dear friends

Question for Christina:
How can we come to trust that everything will somehow "fall into place"?

By remembering that we can find a higher meaning in everything, and that we are guided by our own soul and other beings who have a broader view of our lives from a higher perspective, even if we may not always be able to imagine this to be so. We don't always have to be able to understand it in our minds either.

On the contrary: wanting to understand everything in detail, can prevent us from finding real trust.

Because ultimately, trust cannot be found in our minds, but only in our hearts.



Here comes the Recording of

LoveStream 19
from Saturday, May 13.

Christina answered the many, also explosive questions without mincing words. Once again she was just great and it was very exciting!

We can only warmly recommend all the information.

Among other things, it was about secret space programs, which plans are present in the background of the dark forces, the liberation of the earth and that Christina has memories of her existence before there was matter...and much more.

Treat yourself to the wonderful mood you experience while listening, the confidence and peace that comes when you listen to Christina's words.

It was simply wonderful again. We are still quite touched by the wonderful atmosphere that could be felt in the room and that all participants, whether on site or online, contributed to. Thank you for that!

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Thank you for joining us!
Your Christina and Team







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