Our Conscious Choice and Love Stream 4

Dear friends,

The reason why so much fear is being consciously generated in the world just now is that those entities that pursue base plans are very well aware that they will only be able achieve their goals if the majority of humankind goes along with them. This is because true power does not lie with the unlight forces. The real power here on the surface of the Earth lies with the people.
And that is exactly why fear is being deliberately created, because plans can only become reality through human beings. Light-filled and unlight-filled. If we want a peaceful and loving future to come become manifest, we have to consciously decide that we want it and also be ready to support this process, each in our own way.

We have help from beings of light, but no one is going save us just like that. Because the power lies with us human beings.
We can see ourselves, as it were, as ground staff for the forces of light.
Through our choices and intentions, through our thoughts, words, feelings and actions, we are constantly co-creating this reality.

Your Christina

Love Stream 4

on Saturday, 19.06.2021
**from 19:00 hrs to 21:30 hrs CET **

Christina will speak out of the moment in the first part as usual, but among other things she will also talk about how to deal constructively with the current situation. What are the most important things we can do now? How can we prepare ourselves inwardly for the times ahead?

In a second part, after the break, she will respond to some of the questions that have been sent in by you in advance.

Among others, the following:

What happens after death, from her point of view?

What is the significance of prayer and who can we turn to?

How does it relate to what has been termed the climate crisis, from her point of view? And much more.

If you have a short question of general interest, please send it in advance (already a few days before 19.06.) to:

[email protected]

Click here for tickets for the live event (held in German, recording included)


Click here for pre-sale of the recording with an English translation(available a few days after the event)


After having had to postpone the Love Stream in May, we are especially looking forward to once more jointly creating and strengthening a strong field of love.

Warm greetings,

Your Christina and team

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