Our positive feelings

Dear friends,

At the moment, the intention of most of the media is to keep us focused on all that is not good in the world right now. It’s like a mega hypnosis.
It’s so important that we focus our attention on the exact opposite. Because wherever our attention is directed, that is where our energy flows.
The opposite of fear and bad news is the good, love and joy…

That’s why we have to remember all the more that there is a lot of good in the world and that in the end everything will turn out well.
But we often think, consciously or unconsciously, that if that were so, we would have to see it in the media. We believe that certain things are real only if they’re reported on. There are so many good things, but you just hear less about them.

Our job is to put as much positivity as we can into the collective field and our environment. We should feel trust, confidence, love and joy as often as possible. If we do that, we’re already helping to make the whole situation better. Because then we put something into the pan on the positive side of the scales.

Even if there are a lot of bad things happening right now, there are also many, many souls working together with their light and their love for the good. Otherwise, our current situation would be even worse than it is.
That’s why our positive feelings are so important. They increase the light on the Earth and it’s only thanks to the light on the Earth that worse things haven’t happened. Many people are wondering what they can do to help now. And something everyone can always do is spread light, bring up positive emotions and feelings, and give hope and confidence to other people and the animals. We should never lose our humanity, no matter what. Because, thanks to our humanity, we have compassion for other beings and spread light.

And this light and love will eventually heal everything, no matter what’s happening at this moment.

Your Christina

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