Living our vision

Dear friends

We have creativity. The way we think, the way we feel and the way we act determines what we use our creative power for and how effective it is.

In our spiritual divine home we are all loving beings –we know we can trust everyone.

Here on the Earth, it’s not quite like that. There are also many unlight beings on the Earth who have incarnated into human bodies. These beings have no conscience and no love. We cannot trust these beings.

But these very beings now want to increase the enslavement that already exists on the Earth.

We’re used to just those things entering our own reality which we nourish with our creative power – for example, by thinking about them – because that’s as it was in our divine home.

In principle, that is also true. But there is an exception when it comes to unlight beings. These beings do what they do here on the Earth even if we don’t think about it. Even if we don’t believe in them. It’s enough for them if people join in unknowingly.

In a nutshell: if we don’t want the unlight beings implementing their plans, the solution is not to simply ignore them, but to become aware of what they’re doing and what they want to do. Then we can consciously say we don’t want it, we can consciously decide with our creative power that we don’t want that reality. And then, having done that, we can focus on what we ourselves do want: An ideal and peaceful world.

And that is our biggest and most important task here and now: to nourish this vision and to live it more and more in our daily lives. To do this, it helps if we meet up with like-minded people physically or in spirit.

Your Christina

Don’t miss it!

Last Love Stream before our summer break! We will be back with a new Love Stream in August at the earliest.

Love Stream 14

will take place on Saturday, 21 May at Planet One in Arbon.
16:00 - 19:00
(only in German)

Advance booking for the recording with English translation available. See below.

In the first part of the webinar Christina will talk about what is topical for her right now and in the second part she will answer some of your questions.

Topics will include:

What does Christina say about timelines?
What does “saying no” have to do with inner power?
There are many extraterrestrial beings who love us
Were parts of the human brain paralysed at some point and if so, why?

In the second part we have our friends Coco Tache and Franz Rösl from the “New Earth Manifesto” project
as guests.

You can look forward to lots of exciting and good news! It is more important than ever to get to know concrete projects and solutions that are supported from the heart and also include the spiritual dimension!

And at the end we will again strengthen the luminous field together… with our joint meditation.

Tickets for online live participation here (in German) including recording:
(EUR 39.-/CHF 44.- plus VAT)

If you would like to participate live in German, but would like to receive the recording in English, please contact
[email protected]

Advance booking for the recording with English voice over translation:
(EUR 29.-/CHF 34.- plus VAT)

The recording with translation will be available a few days after Love Stream 14. You will be notified then.

And again, for those who really can’t afford it, we have the 50% discount. This is also available for those who have already received discounts once or several times.

For this, please write an email to:
[email protected]

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Warm greetings,

Christina and Team

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