Supporting the forces of light

Dear friends,

We all have free will. Every light being respects this free will.
Therefore, the forces of light can only help us, as humanity on Earth, to the best of their ability if we agree to it.
There are many light beings on and also outside of the Earth.

A “recipe", which has been used again and again in the past by the Unlight, consists of the attempt to win our voluntary consent to their plans.
If we do this, it is obvious that the forces of light can help us less, because this would be interfering in our free will.
We not only agree to the plans of the unlight if we conclude corresponding contracts with them, for example, but we already do so if we simply consider the unlight’'s actions, measures etc. to be right and are in favour of them.

It is therefore important that we as humanity wake up. Which means not only concerning ourselves with spiritual subjects but also learning to recognise the unlight - subtle as well as physical. This also means learning to listen to more than just the words. Just because a person seems friendly at first glance, doesn’t mean that person has friendly intentions.
Once we can recognise and discern such things, it’s possible for us to consciously choose peace, love and harmony instead.
And this decision in favour of love and harmony then allows the light forces to support us better, because we let them know that we don’t want these strange structures on the Earth any longer.
This is why it’s so important that we question things and keep asking ourselves what we really want and think about what we are giving our consent to simply by saying yes to it.
In the last newsletter, we sent out the video of the interview with Roberto and me, and in this we invite you to send your vision of what a world that would gladden your heart would look like - a world in which all beings are well, in which all the plants, animals and human beings are thriving - into the field every Sunday at 9 pm CET.
It’s important that you hold these images in your mind long enough to also feel them, because it’s not only thoughts, but especially feelings that create reality.

See you Sunday at 9 pm,

Your Christina

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