What is true intelligence?

Dear friends,

Lately, I’ve often heard people say that, thanks to Corona, people - if they see more of what is really happening in the background on Earth and also in the universe - are currently “waking up”. On television and in most newspapers, we’re not shown what’s going on in the background and influencing events. And it’s true that it takes a certain wakefulness to see what is actually going on behind the scenes.

But I don’t consider people who see what’s going on to be really awakened because of it. They’re partly awakened, in that part that has to do with “knowledge”. The biggest part of awakening, however, is to realise that we’re multidimensional beings, that, among all the layers and programs we have acquired in our incarnations, we are love - to realise that we have an immortal soul.

Many people believe that they are awake if they are more aware of what’s going on behind the scenes, but they forget that true, complete awakening involves remembering who we really are and why we came here.

Those who awaken more and more also know what they truly are more and more. At the same time, they can also question things because they know that, in this game, we see nothing but theatre plays.

Someone who awakens also begins to realise that the word “intelligence” means much more than most people understand it to mean.
We often associate intelligence with people who use their heads to develop ideas that not everyone can come up with just like that. But these are not always only good ideas. There are people who are very intelligent in their heads and create weapons that can think around corners. Others create plans for how best to bring about wars.
But those who create things with their heads that harm nature and/or its creatures are not intelligent. They’re stupid.

I just read an article about the fact that just now, behind the scenes, while everyone is staring spellbound at Corona, rainforests and other forests are being cut down on an even larger scale and at a rapid pace - in South America, in Asia, in Europe… every 6 minutes an area of forest as big as a football field.

There is probably nothing more stupid than the destruction of one’s own livelihood.

Therefore, intelligence does not simply mean someone coming up with a great many ideas or inventions. True intelligence is connected to the heart and uses ideas to protect life, to sustain life.

So, if we look at the world, we have to conclude that very many people in influential positions show strong signs of stupidity. But these people confuse it with intelligence.
However, it is also true that we as a collective have been co-beneficiaries of all these developments. Otherwise, this wouldn’t have been possible.

And so it’s not surprising that, in the near future, things will come along which will be challenging for us and which we have never experienced before.

In the end, everything will be fine, I know that. But until then, it will be a roller-coaster, because the old system doesn’t want to go and everything will be done to gain control over humankind.

But love will remain and everything else will go, because the Earth is continuing to increase her vibration despite all that is happening around human beings.
Now and in the future, we need people who don’t only wake up to knowledge, but to their heart and through this to their conscience - who use the intelligence that comes from their heart for the good of all. Because only that is true intelligence, destruction is stupidity.

Connecting with other human beings who are also striving for loving, intelligent cooperation in the world is more important the ever before.


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