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Dear friends,

In the end all will be well

“But that’s ‘in the end’. And because we’re not at the end of this story yet, and because there are storytellers who don’t like us, we have to assume that things will get even stranger.

Being relaxed helps us not to fall into the state of fear that so many people are experiencing. Most people hope that the world will be as it was before. I don’t believe that. I think it will get better in the end, but between now and the end the storytellers will still want to sell their stories. And if you think what I am saying is crazy, then just forget it again.
But if the worst comes to the worst, we can always remember that we’re not alone in wanting an ideal world There are an incredible number of us. And that’s what will help things to turn out well."

(Christina in Salzburg 29/08/2020)

Christinas wonderful Love Stream 7 has been translated

and is ready for you to see in full length with English subtitles.

You can purchase the recording with English subtitles here

Given that things are really tight financially for some of you right now, we offer those concerned the possibility of contacting
[email protected] You will then receive a special code with which you can book the ticket at half price.

Love Stream 7 was a very special one.

Among other things, Christina spoke in the first half about what she had perceived before her incarnation in relation to the current time here on Earth and what terms we should research in order to gain a better understanding of the current situation.

With great clarity, she conveyed that it is not planned by either the un-light or the light forces for the world to ever return to the way it was “before”.

She also spoke about the role of our extraterrestrial light brothers and sisters, how they stand by us and what role some of us play in all this.

In the second part, she answered some personal questions as well as those that were sent in in advance by the participants.These ranged from “awakening”, our relationship with Jesus Christ, God as a “person” and why the seemingly negative things are currently moving so fast, through to “star gates”.

The meditation for peace and an “ideal world” at the end was very, very powerful and full of light.

Thank you to everyone who was there and helped to create this wonderful atmosphere.

Warmest Greetings

Your Christina Team

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