When we change....

Dear friends

“It’s a question of trusting that everything is going to be okay because otherwise we wouldn’t all be here right now. We can also share this and other encouraging information with other people.

If you tell them about things that do you good, you’ll infect them too. It’s what you might call contagious, in health terms.

Especially nowadays, when we forget things so quickly in our everyday life, we need to be aware that the collective only changes when we ourselves change.

Before our incarnation, we already knew that we would find ourselves in this situation and that it would be crazy. We agreed to this because we know that what’s coming afterwards is worth it.

No, all that is happening right now is not just happening by chance, it has been planned for a long time. Our souls know that. And they also know that we’re here to support the good and the light. Each in their own way."

(Christina in Bern, 21. 08/ 2020)

Your Christina

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