We are all working together, but hardly anyone is aware of it.

Dear friends

"We are all working together, but hardly anyone is aware of it.

We’ve been made to believe that we’re very, very small, but we’re so much bigger, we’re multidimensional and even though we don’t know each other, we’re all connected.

Not only are we human beings connected with each other, but we’re also connected with the elemental beings, for example. They help us, provided they trust us.

Just enjoying them and showing them that we know they’re there is already of help to them – and just making sure that everyone is happy and doing well.

That is the ideal world. And we’re not alone in sending an ideal world into the field. If a great many people do this on a small scale, this field will become bigger and bigger. And it may be that in another country people have the same idea and then do the same thing. Then it’s as if we’re talking to each other on the phone without knowing it.

That’s how we all work together – mostly without knowing it."

(Christina in Bern 21/ 08/ 2020)

And here is a surprise for you from Christina

The Encouragement Letterbox

This offer is especially aimed at children and young people who feel they somehow don’t fit into the usual pattern, who feel out of place, perhaps because they have different, finer perceptions than the people around them.

Christina would like to offer you the opportunity to ask her questions that come from your heart and soul, which she would then answer directly.

We from Christina’s team will support her in this task by first sifting through the incoming mails so that only really seriously meant and appropriate emails reach her.

She may not be able to answer every email as this will, of course, depend on the amount.

Christina very much wants you to be able to turn to her, especially at this really very challenging time.

She wants to help you maintain your courage and trust and maybe see some things from a different perspective. This won’t make your problems go away, but it will help you to see them from a different point of view and then perhaps be able to deal with them more easily.

You can send your mail to this address (please keep it as short as possible and please write your name and, if you like, how old you are):

[email protected]

We’re looking forward to your messages!

Warm greetings,

Christina and team

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