Dear friends

We’re all different and it’s therefore perfectly normal that we don’t always have the same opinion.

What we can always do, however, is to make sure that we treat each other with respect.

There are many issues in the world that divide us as humanity, large and small, and this is intentional on the part of certain forces.

What brings us back together is love and remembering that in our core we all want the same thing: We want ourselves and others to do well.

We want a good and beautiful world where all human beings, animals and plants can be happy and can thrive.

It does us good to keep reminding ourselves of what connects us as humanity.



Your Christina


Below you can see the two latest posts from Christina on Youtube with English subtitles. Please note that there is a big playlist with English subtitles on Christina’s Youtube channel…we hope you enjoy it.

"They use our creative power"
Love Stream 18, excerpt 1

"Is a war likely at this time from Christina’s point of view?"
Love Stream 18, excerpt 2



Your Christina and team






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