We don't always need to understand everything

Dear friends

Sometimes we feel the need for more and more information and want to understand everything.

But especially in this time, when we’re inundated with information, the important thing is to become peaceful.

We can simply be present with the knowledge and insights we already have, even if we know they’re not complete.

Sometimes it’s not important to know new things or understand everything all the time.

We can’t know everything and we don’t have to.

The moment we have light and love for others and for ourselves, we know and are doing one of the most important things.

Your Christina


Love Stream Special

Sunday, 27 November 2022
From 13:30 to approx. 18:00
with special guest Tijn Touber
Live from

In the first part, Christina will speak for about an hour. After that, there will be the usual question and answer session, led by Nicola Good. Tijn Touber will also bring questions from his community and lead our common meditation at the end.

Among others, the following subjects will be taken up:

Does climate change exist in the way we’re currently being told?
What is Christina’s view on this subject?
Are we getting any help at all from the forces of light and what effect can this have?
What does Christina perceive in this regard?
Will there be an intervention from a higher level?
Can the Earth and nature be healed again and if so, how?
Why do we not know about the plans of the forces of light?

And much, much more!

We are already looking forward to being with you and to entering once again into the strong common heart-field that we create together.
Let`s get together again!

The event will be simultaneously translated into Dutch and English!

Online tickets here
(recording included):
(EUR 39.- plus VAT)

German original:

With English simultaneous translation:

With Dutch simultaneous translation:

For our Dutch friends: From now on, iDEAL payment is also possible!

Please purchase a ticket for the language in which you would like to participate in the event.

As always, you can also purchase tickets for online participation with a 50% discount if things are too tight for you financially at the moment. Please send an e-mail to:
[email protected]

Places at the venue are booked out!

In anticipation and with heartfelt greetings,

Yours Christina, Tijn, Nicola and Team

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