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Dear friends

When we find ourselves in situations that are difficult and if we don’t know how long these situations will last, then at some point we may lose hope and get tired because we’re not yet able to see the good end, the solution.

I know that more and more people are aware of and see what’s really behind what’s happening and what the intention is. They go to work every day and are surrounded by an environment in which they’re not understood and are put under pressure.

Despite these pressures, there are many people who can spread confidence, hope and love, and support others - people holding the light, in very different places. Every person who does something like that is a very brave person.
We should be aware of this, even if we don’t perhaps feel courageous at all. Sometime, it looks as if it’s not helping much. At the moment it looks as if everything is getting worse on the physical plane. But those people who hold the light provide the anchor for a beautiful future. They hold the light on the Earth. And as long as there is light on the Earth, all will be well in the end. No matter how turbulent the things that are still to come.

If we sometimes find ourselves wondering if it’s all worth it, we can remember that nothing was ever for nothing. In the end, it will all have been worth it. There will always be something positive at the end of it all, even if there are things that worry us along the way. It’s like when we feel our heart saying yes to something but our mind has ten reasons for why it’s not a good idea. If we do it anyway, it may make us feel insecure and it can cause anxiety, but in the end, we’re happy because we followed our heart.

That’s why we should never give up. In our souls we all know that it will all have been worth it in the end. It’s not by chance that we’re here on the Earth at this time. Right now, we need people to hold the light.

Thank you for doing this.

Your Christina


Christina’s Love Stream 8

Monday 25/10/2021
(19:00 - 21:30 CET)

We are very much looking forward to connecting with you and dipping once more into the field of love, to nourish it and, together with you, to strengthen confidence and courage.
Among others, the following subjects will be taken up:

What are the most helpful things we can do now?
What frightens the dark powers?
Where does our true power lie?
What makes Christina so sure that all will turn out well?

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The following applies this time as well:

Given that things are really tight financially for some of you right now,
we offer those concerned the possibility of contacting
[email protected].
You will then receive a special code with which you can book the ticket at half price.

Much love

Your Christina and team

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