We are here to hold the light

Dear friends

It is important for us to make sure that we are well and happy, as often as possible. We can do this, for example, by networking with people who think the way we do. Because then we feel that we’re not alone at all. There are many of us - many people who wake up, who question things and who continue to believe in the good and want the good. There are many people who hold the light - everywhere on the Earth. We don’t know them, but they’re there.

And it is precisely these people who spread hope and confidence and who seek solutions. Even though the pressure is increasing and it’s getting darker for us on certain levels, these people who hold the light are everywhere. They anchor the light. And as long as people hold the light, at the end of this phase that we’re in the light will win. You can’t stop love.

Until then, we need hope and perseverance. And we also receive that through knowing that we’re not alone. In truth, we are many, very many.

People who hold the light are like burning candles. Their light does not diminish merely because it becomes darker in the room they’re in. The darkness of an entire room cannot extinguish the light of a candle. And that’s how it is with us humans.

Of course it’s understandable that we feel overwhelmed or even afraid. We shouldn’t then judge ourselves for it, but have understanding for ourselves. It is precisely in such moments that we need something that acts as an anchor, perhaps an inner image that tells us, “We can do it. There are many of us.” In the end, everything will turn out well because, on a certain subtle level, it has already been resolved -

even if it doesn’t look like that on the physical level just now. Because the unlight structures here on this Earth, who do not want to relinquish their control, try everything they can to be able to stay here. But nothing that is not based on love lasts forever.

And subtly, on a certain level, it is already clear that the light will win.

We should always remember this if we have doubts. As long as we are still in this strange phase, we must not lose courage. For we are many - and we’re not here at this time simply by chance. We’re here to hold the light.

Your Christina

Christina’s Love Stream 9

On Monday, 22/11 from 7 pm to 9.30 pm CET

(The Love Stream is held in German, a recording with English subtitles is available about two weeks after Monday 22/11.)

The feedback we receive shows us repeatedly how important Christina’s work is and how much strength and confidence she gives to us all. It shows us how important this is at this time, enabling us to defy the darkness and strengthen our light and love.

Among others, the subjects this time will be:

What do we do if we’re at a loss to know how to carry on?

Can certain things be neutralised or alleviated, - and if so, how?

The forces of light and how they can help us

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As always, the price also includes the recording, which will be available for an indefinite period about 24 hours after the event.

You will find the Vimeo link for the german recording in the Digistore order confirmation you receive after purchasing your live ticket. Save it carefully.

In case that you would like to participate at the Live Event but then get the recording with English translation please write us an e-mail
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In a second mail from Zoom, you will receive the link for live participation. If you do not receive this within a few hours, please contact us immediately at [email protected]

You can also receive technical support before and during the event at this email address.

And we’re also looking forward to your questions of general interest, which you can send to the same email address. In this way, you can also contribute to the topics of the Love Stream.

** The following applies this time as well:**

Given that things are really tight financially for some of you right now,
we offer those concerned the possibility of contacting

[email protected]

You will then receive a special code with which you can book the ticket at half price.

Those who pay the full price make it possible for those who are unable to do so at the moment to buy a ticket at a reduced price.
Thank you for making this possible!

In anticipation,

Christina and team

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