We are part of the solution

Dear friends

When we feel powerless, we hope that someone else will come and provide the solution – will save us, as it were. It’s perfectly normal to have this hope in moments when we think we don’t have the solution ourselves.

What we simply shouldn’t forget is that every person affected by a situation is also part of the solution to that situation, at the same time. All of us can do something. Of course, there are people who are able to have more influence on a situation than others, but every single person can do their part to solve it.

But this is only possible if we remember that we all have a power.

Because as soon as we feel powerless and say:

“I myself can do nothing, person XX is going to solve it all for me,” we give away this power and the part of the solution that we ourselves have within us.

It’s important that we regain our power and take back the part of the solution that is ours.

Your Christina

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