Where there is light and love, fear disappears

Dear friends,

Our soul is what we really are. Our soul is love, light and immortal. Our soul has trust, because it sprung directly from the divine source.

If we keep focusing on our light, on what we really are, our worries and fears recede. If we focus completely on what we really are, we can’t be afraid and we can’t worry.
Of course, we don’t always succeed in this in our everyday lives, and it also doesn’t mean that the situations that we were worried about have then just disappeared, but we can look at them from a different angle. We can only think clearly and perceive our inner guidance if we have no fear.
That’s why we should never forget to remember what we really are. We can think of our light body. We can imagine how every cell of our body and our whole energy field is made of pure light. If we do this, we connect with our light body, and that means we connect with what we really are.
We should, therefore, always take time to move into silence and to be completely there for ourselves. This we can do at home or outside in nature.
And the more we practice this in stillness, the easier it becomes, over time, to retain this consciousness or to remember it again and again as we go about our daily lives.

And as long as we are fully there with our consciousness, we won’t be afraid, because we’re connected to the innermost core of ourselves, which is love, light and immortal.

Your Christina


Two short excerpts of Love Stream 3 from 9th of April have been released with English translation on YouTube. Watch here:


(there is a divine plan above everything)


(why do we forget where we come from?)

The Recording of Love Stream 3 is now available in English. You can purchase it here:


Next Love Stream

The next Love Stream from 19:00 to 21:30 CET (held in German) will be on
Saturday, 22 May.

Make a note of the date and invite your friends!

As usual, the recording will be available about a week later with an English translation. There will be a pre-sale for this, you will get a note.

In the first part Christina will speak alone, and in the second part she will answer several important questions that have been sent in by you in advance, and at the end we will open our hearts together and create a field of love.

Pre-sale is not yet open.

Warm greetings

Christina and team

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