Where does our longing come from?

Dear friends,

Question: We want to be happy. All human beings have that in common. Where does this longing come from?

Christina: What we truly are is love, and love is joyful.

And that’s the state we wish to return to, because we feel that that’s how we used to be and what we really are.

That’s why we want the Earth to be like that. We want her to be a paradise, because we know that the strange state we find ourselves in today has nothing to do with who we truly are.

We feel the desire within us to live in a free, peaceful and ideal world.

But none of us living here on the Earth – or hardly any of us – have ever experienced it in this incarnation, and yet we carry this desire within us.

We can only wish for something we already know or have experienced somewhere.
So this memory of an ideal world must come from earlier times.

The Earth was once a paradise, it was not always so strange.
Wars are also not in keeping with human nature.
The Earth was once a paradise and she remembers it.
And we also still have this information stored somewhere within us.

The only thing that remains forever is love

(Christina in Love Stream 12)

Your Christina

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