Evening event in Lucerne

Published 01. December 2017

Nicola Good

Another evening event entitled ‘Awareness Creates Peace’ took place in Lucerne last night. The crowd was larger than we had expected - more than 350 guests appeared!
This meant that Christina started a little late. She talked about a wide range of topics. We are posting some small, selected extracts for you here.

“It is important that we as humankind realise what it’s all about. The learning theme of humankind is the development of unconditional love for everything.
An exact date for the big shift cannot be given because it depends on the free will of all human beings. It could even happen this very second!
As soon as we reach a state of unconditional love, we are freed, also as individuals. Unconditional love is not like the love in a partnership – ‘I love you more than someone else’ - it means sending the same amount of love to everybody, even to those we might not like so much. Unconditional love also means forgiving.”

“The inner observer is important when we start developing unified consciousness. It is a matter of stopping any evaluation. Humankind will get there.”

“This system is the system of the sleeping. Most of the time we don‘t dream in a conscious way. But sometimes we wake up in our dream and realise, ‘Hey, I’m steering this dream!’
As humanity, we are in this phase of waking up and beginning to steer things.”

“It’s not about developing anything within ourselves. It’s all about activating. Through remembering, activation takes place. We are then connected to the divine light. We just have to remember! Energy is light and light is love. Our original essence is love. It is the key to peace returning to this world.”

“Each of us is a point of manifestation of the universe. The universe is gathering experiences through us. God is gathering experiences through us. Therefore, we ARE God- we are creators.”

“Music can bring change to a situation. Music is vibration and enters us directly. You can program information into music. And everyone that listens to it will receive a download of this information.”

About organ donation:

“Every human being has free will and can decide for themselves. This is how I see organ donation:
On the energy level, it is a fact that information of the soul is stored in every single cell - likes, dislikes, karma, etc. All of this is transferred to the recipient, who then has it.
The donor is, to a certain extent, unfree. Normally, the donors’ soul moves on after death. But single organs are still alive and therefore their soul remains bound to the earth. It will only be able to move forward into the light once all its organs have ‘given up the ghost’.”
We also take our etheric bodies with us. Information concerning the removal of an organ is stored there. For example, where a kidney should be, there is a hole. This means that, in your next incarnation, you will be born without that organ.
But there is good news too: the etheric body can be repaired. There’s a solution for everything. But you won‘t find it on the same level - you have to go to the next higher level to find it. This means you can solve it on the etheric level. You can simply go to the Source and state, ‘I want this to be restored!’ It is short, simple and uncomplicated.
Nothing in the whole universe is complicated. It’s human beings that make things complicated.”

**Detoxifying the body **

“You can do it in a complicated way, or in a simple way - by simply ordering it from the Creator. Almost everything can be ordered!”

Increasing vibration

“Everything that has already been thought or done by someone is, so to speak, stored in the soul of humanity. Someone coming new doesn’t have to go through all the steps but can proceed more quickly and skip some things. This is why increasing our own vibration is not only of service to ourselves but to all humankind.”

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