Event in Bern

Published 25. November 2017

Bernadette, Nicola

Last night Christina gave another evening talk, offering some of her wisdom to more than 300 guests.

The whole audience listened intently to her heart-opening and moving words. With humorous and humble openness, Christina spoke about individual and global peace.
Despite her high level of consciousness, she never puts herself in a position which is beyond us.

This posting is an extract of last night’s core messages. It is based on a direct transcript of Christina’s statements by Nicola Good.

Her knowledge originates from different sources:

  • Akasha records
  • The collective field of humanity
  • Clairvoyance / psychometry
  • Own soul experiences
  • Prime Creator / source
  • Her spirit team

“We all have knowledge, either on a conscious or unconscious level, that doesn‘t come directly from the 3rd dimension. There is an Akasha record (etheric library) for the whole universe but also for the earth. The Akasha record for the earth has been sealed for a long time. But now things have changed, allowing this knowledge to flow into the energy field of the earth once more and be accessed.”

Paranormal gifts don’t need to be developed, just activated. Each one of us has the same potential."

“Problems are always a matter of perspective. They are only problems if the frequency of our consciousness is the same or even lower than the frequency of the ‘problem’ itself. This is why it is so important to increase our vibration frequency.
Our emotional state is not dependant on external circumstances. It is possible to hold our frequency even if things happen in our environment that we might perceive as negative. Each change of frequency causes a change of perspective.”

“It‘s not about finding the ‘ultimate truth‘. It‘s about finding our personal truth. (We don‘t know what we don‘t know!). Truth is individual and should ideally alter from time to time. With every change in our vibration (ideally an increase) we view things from a different perspective.”

“Our task would be to function as frequency-holders, so that others who are just about to sink can hold on to us.”

“If you have a quarrel with someone, it is actually a service of love on the part of this person, giving you the opportunity to practice unconditional love.”

“You can recognise your life’s learning theme by the fact that it turns up again and again. Humanity finds itself at war over and over again. The learning theme is to develop unconditional love.”

“You are a creator. We all are creators. The only limitation is yourself.”

Responding to the question of a listener as to whether he could apply these principles to his gallstones by just believing that they would disappear without any surgery, she mischievously answered, “Faith can move mountains. If it can do THAT, it will certainly be able to handle smaller things, too.”

“Everybody has the same amount of light. It isn‘t any different in size. It’s just that one person remembers it and another person doesn‘t. We shouldn‘t be saying ‘he or she is spiritually more advanced’. That is so judgemental.”

“Emptiness is an illusion. We say something is empty because we are not able to perceive anything there. But our perception depends on our vibration.”

“We are creators. We should start to talk about that more often. It’s not forbidden! It’s just a new perspective. A society grows through this.”

“The task is to remember. We shouldn‘t even try to define WHAT we are supposed to remember. Because once we have remembered everything, we will no longer be able to express it. Once we are immersed in this small, luminous core, we can no longer describe it.

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