Published 07. June 2018

Christina von Dreien

Because I am human…
…love is my religion,
…truth is my life,
… freedom is my right

And yours too.

Love is my religion, and it is yours, too .
Our love has no national boundaries, love doesn^t care where someone comes from, what he used to be and how he is now. Our love exists within us, and it is independent of external circumstances. We love because we have realized that love is the essence of life. Just as a mother loves and supports her child, no matter where it moves, so we support ourselves, our fellow human beings and our world with love. Our love is not tied to people, groups and places. We open ourselves to the world, so love can flow into the environment and everything may be transformed in love. We’re love pioneers.

In the past, decades ago, there have been spiritual pioneers. They brought the energetic wisdom to the public, although the world was still facing another direction. Our gratitude is flowing to these pioneers. For what they’ve done and still do. For who they have been, are and always will be. The world has received and absorbed that knowledge and now it is time to live this knowledge, to start embodying it.

The next step is the step of love. It starts within us and grows all around us. A new kind of pioneer is about to manifest. Love pioneers.

**Love pioneers are beacons for people. **
**One of the most important things they do is: **
they spread hope.

We as people can change the world. Simply by just being what we all are at our divine core. Love. Unconditional love. We don’t have to do anything. We just have to be. To be a beacon from which the fire of love shines, attainable for everyone who comes with the heart-desire to also be shining, to be what we all are in fact already.

We learn to be that which we have long been. That is the entire awakening. We realize that love is the power that is transforming the world. The love for a child makes sure that the mother always has a protective hand over the child. The love of people for other people makes people move on in hopeless situations and put their lives on a new foundation. Just as it is on a small scale, so it is on a large scale. The love That the love pioneers have for the world will ensure that we continue and put the world on a new footing. And it will ensure that we have a protecting hand over the earth in the future.

**Truth is my life and yours too. **
Truth is the clarity about the personal reality. The truth of today’s world is not to be found around us, but in ourselves. Awakening is to rediscover and to rediscover means to understand. We understand our truth when we realize that our own personal truth can only be found in our hearts.

Listen to your heart, to the truth that it speaks and live it, follow it. The tone of your heart with the truth of the moment will guide you to where it is best for you right now. Have faith in your heart’s truth. It is the one that matters.

There are many different opinions and views in the world. Do not adopt the opinions and views that you just consider as being logical, but embrace the ones you do feel.

In our heart dances the truth. If we listen to our heart and embody our heart truth, a field is being built that is made up of the vibration of truth. To live our own truth regardless of external circumstances creates a field of truth that is moving with us. And wherever we go, truth that was hidden before will be revealed by this field.

** Freedom is my right and yours, too. **
We are beings incarnated in human bodies. It may sound surprising to say that this is the greatest freedom there is. From a purely material point of view, there is less and less freedom. But if you change perspective, you realize that as human beings we not only have the freedom of multi-dimensionality and can travel in different energetic levels, although we also have a physical body, but also that we have a free will. We have forgotten what our free will means.

Many feel at the mercy of lightless actions. And some of them have forgotten something: Our voice is changing the world. We live on Earth.

So we have a responsibility for what is going on with her. We hold the strings. A “no” or a “yes” from a group of people who hold hands in love can evoke a domino effect of change. Many people say: “But the politicians…” . We as a population are responsible for what is happening. There’s a sentence that says, “Imagine there is war and no one is going there.”

If something happens in the world because politicians have decided it to happen, it is not carved in stone that it necessarily has to happen. Only if we also follow it, it will manifest in the world.

**The awakening of mankind happens in stages, in steps. **
The next step is that of love, joy and freedom.

Because I am human, I learn to understand what it means to change things with love, to live with truth and to think with freedom.

Because I am human I have realized that it is time for heart courage. It is time to have the courage to live the love, just give it a try. To have the courage to live by one’s own truth. And to ave the guts to experience freedom and realize that we have always been free and to live it now.
Because I am human, I have realized that the base of a decision for a next step often lies in showing a person that there is still something called hope.

It’s time we take on the responsibility for Earth.
With love and the certainty that everything will be as it is supposed to be.

Christina von Dreien

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