Christinas Love Stream® 2 - live

Published 06. March 2021

Nicola Good

Love Stream 2 from Planet One in Arbon
on Friday, 05.March 2021, from 19:00 to 21:30
Christina held her 2nd Love-Stream
The recording is available soon - until 17th of March.
Especially at this time it is so important that we can feel that we are not alone and that our energies can connect at the same time to strengthen the field of good.
We need courage and support and that is what this webinar is for.
Among other things, Christina will talk about how to deal constructively with the current situation and she will answer questions that could be asked in advance by the participants. These range from the topic of vaccinations to help from our light brothers and sisters.

Click here to to receive the link for the recording that will be available a few days after the Live Stream (EUR 29.- plus VAT/CHF 33.- plus VAT)

The recording will  be viewable to all ticket buyers for two weeks from the day of issue. You will receive the link leading to this recording with the confirmation letter from Digistore.

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