Purification of the soul

Published 20. July 2018

Christina von Dreien

In Book 2 we published a list of practical tips concerning what each individual can do, in this turbulent time of global upheaval and reorientation, to increase their inner vibration, transform their patterns and expand their consciousness. One of these tips was: “To leave the past behind by dissolving oaths, vows, pledges, promises, astral constructs, traumas and the like”.
We have heard that people offer this dissolving technique in Christina von Dreien’s name. We would like to state that we have neither given anyone permission to do this, nor are we training anyone to do it. We as human beings can all connect to the Source and dissolve things without the help of anyone else. You don’t need to do a course or find a teacher.

Instructions from Christina von Dreien

"This is an important topic that I would like to clarify. Each of us has gone through thousands of experiences in the past and thereby absorbed and developed a multitude of things. However, many of them are no longer relevant to the present time and may now be dissolved or transformed, since they are no longer needed.

The technique I use for dissolving is as follows: First, you connect to the Source. Some also call it “God”, “Creator”, “Primordial Source” or the “All That Is”. What is meant by this is simply the centre of creation, of the omnipresent divine intelligence from which we all originate. Each of us is constantly connected to this divine intelligence, but many people are no longer aware of it. So it’s important to restore a conscious connection to the Source.

How you do that can be very individual. Some imagine that they travel from their heads through all the energy levels until they are finally immersed in a radiant golden light that is the Source. Others imagine a light channel created between their crown chakra and the Source. There is no method here that works for everyone, for the simple reason that we decide for ourselves whether a particular method works for us or not. The important thing is that we find an image that our consciousness can accept as the Source. For example, if someone creates a pillar of light in his mind that grows out of his head into the sky until it meets a radiant golden ball, then that person is connected to the Source at that moment. This is because their consciousness accepts that the connection is instantaneous as soon as the pillar of light touches the sphere, and that this luminous sphere is the Source.

Having consciously connected to the Source in this way, you can now begin to dissolve things that are no longer needed. You request that, for example, all contracts which no longer serve your own highest divine welfare be dissolved - including all associated storage and backup copies and all imprints on the energy information level as well as all effects and side effects. This is very important, because otherwise things you have dissolved will reinstall themselves with the help of the backup copies.

Then you wait. Generally, you feel when everything has been dissolved that could be dissolved in this way. If you don’t feel anything, then you simply trust that it has been dissolved. It may also be that certain contracts continue to exist on the energy level, for example because they are still needed or because they need to be looked at more closely before they can be dissolved.

By dissolving something, a space appears at this point in the energy field. However, this space can be filled immediately - preferably with unconditional love. To do this, request the Source to fill all the spaces created by the dissolution with unconditional love. Possible injuries that resulted from the things that have now been dissolved can be healed by requesting this from the Source.

When everything you wish to be dissolved has been dissolved, then let the energy of gratitude flow.
With the technique described above, you can not only cancel contracts, but also many other things that are no longer needed. Some of these things come from our present life, others we have brought with us from previous lives.
Below is a list of possible things that are probably no longer current or beneficial in the lives of most people and that can now be resolved:

• Contracts, promises
• Oaths, pledges, vows
• Shocks, traumas
• Attachments
• Blockages
• Fear patterns, guilt patterns, anger patterns, hate patterns
• Karma
• Curses, maledictions, imprecations, damnations
• Initiations, sacraments, energy seals
• Mental programs, brain washing, disinformation
• Thought patterns, beliefs, conceptions, doctrines, world views
• Dislikes, hostile thinking
• Foreign energy occupation
• Foreign energies (from other people when they think or talk about us)
• Projections (the ideas other people have about us)
• Astral constructs (energies programmed with specific commands)
• Astral screws and chains
• Holograms, energy distortion
• Energy implants (microchips, transmitters, switches, timers, etc.)

In this context, it is also important to note that not only the experiences of our own soul are stored in the cells of our body, but also the collected experiences of our ancestors. This includes the experiences, ideas and patterns of our father and mother as well as of all their ancestors. As heirs of our ancestors, we carry with us a vast amount of things in our cellular memory, most of which do not serve our highest divine good.

With the same procedure as above, we can also let these inherited things be dissolved by the Source by saying that all entanglements, patterns, limitations, blockages, diseases and sufferings that we still carry from our ancestors in our cells should now to be sent into the light in their entirety and healed as needed. Of course, in this case as well, this should be done together with all memory and backup copies, imprints on the energy information level, effects and side effects, of course.

How often you should purify your soul in this way can vary individually. Hardly anyone carries all the things listed above around with them, but each one of us needs to dissolve the one or the other. Depending on their circumstances, some people are confronted more strongly with certain things than others. Those who, for example, are in the public eye are particularly exposed to foreign energies, because they are the object of many thoughts. These people should free themselves from foreign energies more often.

We are therefore all invited to take responsibility for our own state of mind, to finally leave behind the burdens of our past and to clear out our consciousness thoroughly.

I hope you enjoy this process."

Christina von Dreien, July 2018

For more information about the purification of the soul and connecting with the Source we refer you to the Website of Franziska Huber.

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